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Violinist Rachelle Elizabeth Puccini is an active soloist and chamber musician. She has played with orchestras, and in venues throughout the country and abroad. Last season she was featured as a  soloist and guest concertmaster with the Whiting Park Festival Orchestra, and recorded Kreisler’s Liebesfreud and Libeslied with pianist Paul Hamilton. This upcoming season will feature solo and trio concerts in Chicago, and throughout the midwest. She is currently working on a film for the violin and piano work Fratres by Arvo Part where she is the featured subject and recording artist with pianist and film maker Paul Hamilton to be released in 2019. As an Eastman artist, Ms. Puccini enjoys giving clinics, recitals and masterclasses, she teaches and performs all her educational engagements on an Eastman violin model VL928. In Chicago, she has built a successful violin studio, and is currently on faculty at the Music Institute of Chicago. Ms. Puccini holds a Masters degree in Violin Performance and Pedagogy from Northwestern University where she studied with Gerardo Ribeiro, and a Bachelor’s degree in Violin Performance from Grand Valley State University where she studied with international soloist, violinist Dylana Jenson. She has also studied with violinist and pedagog Olga Kaler. Ms. Puccini concertizes on a 2015 Samuel Zygmuntowicz violin made especially for her. In her spare time Rachelle enjoys painting, running, and the occasional triathlon.



Coming soon:

“Fratres” for violin and piano, a film by Paul Hamilton. Featuring Rachelle Puccini as subject and violinist, and Paul Hamilton on piano. To be released summer of 2019.

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Interview with “Inside the OSC”

Discussion on the upcoming film, and what it’s like to be a soloist.

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A passionate educator,  Ms. Puccini has a strong commitment to teaching the next generation of violinists and string players. She has built a successful violin studio in Chicago, as well as having served as a violin teacher at the Grandville Avenue Academy for the Arts in Grand Rapids, Michigan, a not for profit organization dedicated to providing free after school art programs to underexposed students in the area. She was involved in a similar program in Chicago in 2007-2009 titled Magic, in the city’s Woodlawn neighborhood. From 2006-2008 Ms. Puccini was on faculty at the Northwestern String Academy, and is currently on faculty at the Music Institute of Chicago.

Ms. Puccini often gives clinics and masterclasses all over the country and abroad. This past season featured clinics, masterclasses and recitals for Eastman strings (for whom she is an Eastman artist,) as well as masterclasses and concerts in Santo Domingo, DR for the program Fiesta Clasica, as a part of her residency with Concertos de la Villa.

Clinics offered:

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“Beyond the shoulder rest: accurately assessing and setting up your violin/viola students.”

Discover different methods for optimal violin and viola set up, and how to identify what works best for each individual student. We will be focusing on the physics of great tone while making sure the body is properly aligned and relaxed to avoid tension. Feel free to bring your violin or viola for a “hands on” approach. Appropriate for teaching all grade levels beginning through high school.

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“How to teach vibrato to your upper strings.”

In this clinic we will go over methods for teaching vibrato on the violin and viola. We will explore the three types of vibrato and exercises for improving each one. This clinic is perfect for teaching beginning vibrato, but also for developing and refining existing vibrato.

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“Shifting essentials.”

A tactile approach to finding key areas on the violin and viola. This clinic will focus on how to teach shifting so the student is able to reliably find their way into higher positions and therefore be more in tune in upper positions.

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“Advanced bow strokes: from detache to off the string and everything in between.”

A guided tour of advanced bow strokes and how to introduce and develop each one to your upper string sections. Strong emphasis on creating a relaxed and functioning spiccato. Increase the repertoire range for your orchestra.

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“Bow hold success: bent thumbs and relaxed pinkies.”

A step by step guide to building a students bow hold from the ground up. Great for the setting up the beginning stages of upper string playing or refreshing a more experienced group to ensure their bow holds are ready for advanced bow techniques.

I am very happy to work with you and your program to create a clinic or residency that best suits the individual needs of your program. Clinic topics are not limited to those offered above.

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